Eero Erkamo

  • Lighting & space designer
  • Helsinki, Finland

From theatre to installations and from dance to chamber opera, video and architectural lighting design.

For me, light is a way of looking at things. I have been working as a dramaturgist of light & space in the projects where I have been involved – in theatre projects, dance productions and operas. In recent years I have been also working with architectural design companies – doing designs for permanent installations like lighting in museums and architectural lighting.


Lighting designer MA at Good Kombo Oy

2019 – Present Helsinki, Finland

Lighting designer at Fantomatico Oy

2016 – 2017 Helsinki

Lighting designer in National Museum of Finland / prehistoric exhibition project

Lighting Designer at Fantomatico Oy

2014 – 2014 Helsinki

Lighting designer in Postal Museum project.

Lighting, stage and video designer at Freelancer

2008 – Present Helsinki

I have been working with several clients varying from architects to theatre companies.


Master of Arts in lighting design at The University of the Arts Helsinki

01.08.2014 – 01.06.2018 Helsinki, Finland, Europe

Bachelor of Arts in lighting design at The University of the Arts Helsinki

01.08.2011 – 30.06.2014 Helsinki, Finland, Europe

The degree programme in sound and lighting design familiarizes the students with the use of lighting and sound as instruments of artistic expression in the performing arts and media. Degrees at the Academy include Bachelor and Master of Arts.

Bachelor of Arts at Helsinki University

2011 Helsinki, Finland, Europe

Majoring in Theater research, faculty of humanities – minors: film & tv studies, art marketing & administration, East Central European, Balkan and Baltic Studies


Gold Medal for the Best Exposition in the Student Section, Prague Quadrennial

As a member of our artistic student team of Finland

Honorable Mention – Outstanding Young Designer, Central Academy of Drama, China and OISTAT Education Commission

Beijing International Biennale / ISDSWE 2014


Beijing International Biennale / ISDSWE 2014 Group

Central Academy of Drama Beijing, China


The National Museum of Finland, Kiasma contemporary art museum (Helsinki, Finland), Forum Marinum Museum (Turku, Finland), Postal Museum (Tampere, Finland), Fantomatico Oy (Helsinki), Brut Vienna, Austria, University of the Arts Helsinki, Sun Effects Oy (Helsinki), Zodiak – Centre for New Dance (Helsinki), WURM band, Bye Mandu band, architect Harri Ahonen (Helsinki), Helsinki Music Centre (Finland)


Lighting designstage designvideo designlive videoexhibition design


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